Have you guys ever wonder about the efforts we put through to take care of our hair. Despite the fact, what if we neglect hair protection while sleeping? And what are the consequences that we may face after negligence? These are a few mandatory questions that arise regarding the proper protection of strands before going to bed and how to tie hair in the best shape to avoid hair breakage.

Now we will highlight a recent study from sleep foundation, which shows what happens to your body while sleeping and different stages of sleep. …

Every male character has different stories with disparate looks that perfectly match their persona. If you’re facing issues of not having fluffy hair men due to lack of awareness and nohow about texture and hair health, don’t worry! we are here to discuss how to add volume to hair and “how to get fluffy hair men at any age”.

One thing that every man is desiring of, and imagine how to liven up he is after hair is done by professionals at salons. …

As we already heard about the term Zen, when it comes to our mind our perception is usually around a calm meditated environment with amicable tradition and captivating grassy landscapes with true mindful meditation essence.

But do you ever think from where this word “Zen,” is derived from? What is the ancestral connection of Zen with Buddhism? From where it originated and the real memoir behind this tradition of meditation.

Brief History of “Zen” Tradition

The Japanese term Zen is acquired from the Chinese middle word “chán”, also called “chánnà”. …

When it comes to baldness, no doubt bald men score the highest traits and dominates among all.

Image by Pixabay.com

Being shaved head makes you hotter, as proven by Science. So, baldness is no more unattractive because of trend settler society. Expert sayings about baldness as well as research show that 13% of strength perception is increasing if someone with a bald head.

Besides this, new research show that women found out the bald head is far more attractive than the common man; whatever the reason behind this is, by assuming it shows the eye contact of bald guy is…

If you want to get in shape, follow these tips, and understand your willing structure.

Getting a lean body can be difficult if one has no trick or advice, so don’t strive for something that you can’t reach. Expert exercisers reveal 5 top fitness tricks they use to get while having their daily routines. These Fitness ideas to get slim fit with so much advice floating will help you reach your most ambitious goals within short spam.

A person is wearing brown-and-white shoes jumping. Islington Boxing Club, London, United Kingdom

When it comes to fitness, food plays an essential role…

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