What Experts Are Saying About Bald Men

When it comes to baldness, no doubt bald men score the highest traits and dominates among all.

Top Experts Research-According to Science

Scientist Albert E Mannes did research work on Baldness at the University of Pennsylvania. In this research, he showed multiple photos of men with different looks; the majority of people liked pictures with no hair on the head(bald guys).

  • An estimate by the Hairloss Association of America, at the age of 35 years, there are more symptoms of hair loss found out in every two out of three guys.

More Prominent Face Features

Women are found to be attracted to facial features when a man is bald and has no hairs; then, women tend to look directly towards the face and interact actively as compared to an average person with hairs.

Final Thoughts

Bald characters are now considered sexier and confident as compared to old trends of what experts are saying about hairless heads, man personality now doesn’t rely upon hairs. Women tend to males with bald heads are influent and authoritative in look.

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